A Brief Bio for Eddie Zelhofer (EZ or The EZ1)

I grew up in Arizona and decided to come back to my birthplace in Oshkosh, Wisconsin to go to college. While attending the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh I studied business, played volleyball, volunteered for the campus cinema and worked at a Blockbuster Video.

My first "real" job was for a marketing agency as a web developer, something I didn't go to school for but dabbled with on the side. It was at this job that I developed the programming and design skills I use now. I currently own a web development company called Thinksite.

In the late 90's I stumbled upon a game called Mr. Showbiz's Summer Box Office Challenge, a game of fictitious movie studios. I was addicted to the game up until the day it was shut down in 2001. Things lay dormant for a year or so until I found a small group of people trying to keep the game going through a message board. With that group's help I was able to create a new game and the rest is history.

Favorite Movie:
Any and all things Star Wars
EZ1 Productions Timeline
Winter 2002 - The initial (beta release) game was run with registration, a marketplace and standings page.

Spring 2003 - The first full edition of EZ's Weekend Box Office Game was run with a fully functioning Marketplace.

Summer 2003 - EZ1 Productions officially launches with a new design and URL (ez1productions.com), the first Lounge is created as a Yahoo group and EZ's Movieline Game is introduced in a beta release.

Winter 2003 - The second version of the Lounge is introduced as an external message board system, EZ's Movieline Game is officially added to the site and EZ's Pick 5 Game is introduced in a beta release.

Spring 2004 - EZ's Pick 5 Game is officially added to the site as well as a history page to track past games.

Summer 2004 - The Lounge moves again. This time the message board system is internal and part of the site as opposed to using external links.

Winter 2004 - The first movie poster quizzes are created.

Spring 2005 - The site adds a release schedule and review section.

Summer 2005 - The movie poster quizzes section was created.

Winter 2005 - Home page redesign and the addition of the news feed section.

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