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Meet the Fockers
Release Date: 12/22/2004
Rating: PG-13
Starring: N/A
Synopsis: N/A
Trailer: N/A
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One of the funniest films of 2004 - Donez hilarious comedy - georgenutt More crude than the first, but still very funny. - SolC9
Funny, but not as funny as MTP. - Wario Hoffman and Streisand made this focking movie. - The EZ1 Very silly but can't deny the escapism element - Janazz
not as laugh out loud like the first, but a much better story. - macphisto6 Silly Fockers a crowd pleaser, Hoffman steals ever scene. - Draxhall I'm to busy laughing! - Ivilace
Better than Meet the Parents! - Yellow Jacket gags got repetitive and predictable. hoffman rocks - moviedude Funniest movie ever. Filled with cinematic funniest moments - movieman1234567890
MTP was funnier, but still this is a real good movie! - Alligator Al I couldnt stop lauging! - Servo So funny! - Cebu
sequal that is actually worth going to this season - air man Very Very Funny - CSjcjjj Very very silly! Not as good as MTP, but still very good! - Gurl In the Boots
First one was so much better! - Darunia Funnier than the original. GREAT - movieman20062007 Gave me a "Been There, Done That" Feeling-Recall more laugh 4 MTP - Silverflicks
Funny, not as good as the original but still funny! - impact Funny, but never rises above and beyond like Parents did. - FullEyes First film was okay. Loved this one. So funny. - movieman
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