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Fantastic Four
Release Date: 07/08/2005
Rating: PG-13
Starring: N/A
Synopsis: N/A
Trailer: N/A
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Anticipation Level: 3.64
Opening Weekend Prediction 36-40 mil.
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There is absolutely nothing good about this movie. - rodrino Worst of the recent batch of comic movies - Cinematic Viagra Productions Complete cheese, trite dialouge, bad acting-One of summers worst - FullEyes
Harmless popcorn flick. Johnny Storm easily steals the show. - SolC9 Bryan Singer should direct EVERY comic book movie! - zkeeper99 Jack Kirby is rolling in his grave - weekendwarrior
Fun and fantastic superhero movie. I love Jessica Alba - movieman1234567890 Blech! - Darunia Why is Dr. Doom such a wimp? His name is DOOM. WTF? - Daniele
nothing redeamable from this movie except for the popcorn i ate - air man For Once, I cant think of a word bad enough to describe this - Rygar1126 Should be renamed Fantastic Foul - Silverflicks
Disappointing and can't compare with Spider-man and X-men. - Yellow Jacket ehh...wasnt that bad wasnt that great either. - Donez not bad but not great - racer2235
If I was Marvel, Id be ashamed to be associated with this film! - Draxhall Okay but forgettable. Alba great - movieman20062007 Average at best. Alba is not right for this role. - The EZ1
light, cheesy, silly fun. unbelievable alba perf, good evans role - moviedude
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