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Da Vinci Code, The
Release Date: 05/19/2006
Rating: PG-13
Starring: N/A
Synopsis: N/A
Discussion: Da Vinci Code, The (below)
Trailer: N/A
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Entertaining movie w/ very good perfs by Mckellen and Bettany. - rodrino Gets better every time. - Self Inc. Howard can't direct traffic but McKellen pulls it from the fire - macphisto6
good twists but dragged on a bit - racer2235 I enjoyed it immensly. - movieman Supporting cast shines, despite Howard's uninspired direction - Draxhall
Liked it better on second viewing. Very interesting movie. - SolC9 Passable as a rental. Why did Hanks phone in his performance? - Janazz Like most say: The book is better. Still pretty good. - mahmite
Long and dull, probably cause it's too close to the book. - weekendwarrior Abysmal. Easily the worst movie of 2006. - Marley209 gr8 supp. cast, tom & audrey lack chemistry. good but letdown. - moviedude
If you want to enjoy this movie, dont read the book. - Silverflicks This sucked. Predictable, Stupid, Offensive; Langdon was an idiot - movieman1234567890 A decent thriller, not worth the hype though - Rygar1126
WORST FILM OF 2006 FOR SURE. LANGDON IS AN IDIOT - movieman20062007 Entertaining, but not as good as the book - latigo2011 Worst movie of 2006! - Yellow Jacket
Hanks and Howard hit career lows; A plodding, epic-sized mess. - FullEyes Just like National Treasure, but slow, boring and not as funny. - The EZ1
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