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Hide and Seek
Release Date: 01/28/2005
Rating: R
Starring: N/A
Synopsis: N/A
Trailer: N/A
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Green reviews are from users who graded the move a B or higher.
Black reviews are from users who graded a movie between a B- and a C-.
Red reviews are from users who graded the movie a D+ or lower.
Terrible, terrible film! - Alligator Al Pretty predictable. - Yellow Jacket The best part: when the ending credits came! - Wario
Not the best story, but was interesting while it lasted - Mutant04 Awful! - Servo First awful movie of 2005 - Darunia
Why did I see this?!? - Ivilace Decent at the start but quickly fades into the absurd. - Draxhall decent suspense and build-up, blows it after the denouement - moviedude
Interestingly creepy, but ridiculous ending spoils it. - FullEyes not interesting or suspensful - air man not the best ending but still enjoyable - racer2235
Just worth a rent if you have nothing better to do. - Silverflicks BORING - MovieKing14 Just like the Sixth Sense, except it didn't make any. - The EZ1
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