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Release Date: 12/03/2004
Rating: R
Starring: N/A
Synopsis: N/A
Trailer: N/A
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Green reviews are from users who graded the move a B or higher.
Black reviews are from users who graded a movie between a B- and a C-.
Red reviews are from users who graded the movie a D+ or lower.
Brutal and truthfull. - macphisto6 Intriguing. Fascinating- but too much at times. Too unbelievable. - movieman I did not like this movie, it was pretty bad. - Servo
Ugh other then portman and owen no redeeming factors - Donez diverting and frank, but flighty and unbelievable. - moviedude Good performances but really confusing. - Darunia
I was very disapointed - Alligator Al Not as good as people are saying but still decent - Ivilace Lot's of talking about sex, no actual sex. Loved Clive Owen. - Doppleganger
This is a fine movie but feels stiff at times. - georgenutt I fell asleep during the movie. - Wario clever but i felt mislead with the whole time frame arrangement - air man
Unsavory characters played by big-name stars. - Norman Tinio A dark, sad look at the lives of four people. Best film of 2004. - FullEyes An unflinching look at the demise of relationships - Draxhall
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