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Long before Twitter, EZ1 Productions introduced Micro Reviews, which are simply movie reviews in 65 characters or less. You'd be surprised at how much can be said about a movie in just one sentence. To create your own Micro Reviews, log in and search for a movie title to the right.
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Batman Begins
A film about the title character and not the villans - refreshing - macphisto6
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
I liked the original more. - Darunia
Boys & Girl from County Clare, The
Wasn't expecting much, but this was a real treat! - weekendwarrior
Racing Stripes
Lackluster and dull. This one loses the race. - Yellow Jacket
Be Cool
Book is better but the film is still damned funny... at times - macphisto6
Sin City
Good stuff. Rodriguez always amazes me. - The EZ1
My Date With Drew
Could very well be the best Romantic Comedy Documentary ever! - weekendwarrior
Ice Age: The Meltdown
Good, but not great like the original. - Yellow Jacket
Polar Express, The
Magically fun, but light, holiday flick. - FullEyes
Very similar to Jumanji but it lacked the big star and comedy. - The EZ1
Foxx lifts this biopic above mediocrity. - macphisto6
Fever Pitch
The thought of these two mating makes this a bonafide horror film - weekendwarrior
Good action sequences, but not much else. Plot is absurd. - FullEyes
House of Wax
I wanted to throw up! I can't stand you Hilton! - Wario
Ocean's Twelve
Just a fun film, like the first but in a completely different way - macphisto6
Incredibles, The
Not quite as funny as I expected, but it was a lot of fun. - SolC9
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