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Live Free or Die Hard
Release Date: 06/27/2007
Rating: PG-13
Starring: N/A
Synopsis: N/A
Discussion: Live Free or Die Hard (below)
Trailer: N/A
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Anticipation Level: 3.62
Opening Weekend Prediction 36-40 mil.
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Bruce goes Bitch. Without blood and fuck, I'm not buying. - FullEyes The best action film this summer to date - thats not saying much - macphisto6 An action-packed sequel that brings back good old action. - Yellow Jacket
Yipee-Ki-Yah. Bruce this was a action film that was actiony - gill Perfect action movie... Explosions, Guns, One liners... - racer2235 Great action and laughs. Perfect 4th of July movie. - SolC9
Mindless? Yes. Fun? Extremely. Turn off brain and enjoy. - Draxhall Good action romp from Willis,DH 1 still the best. - Silverflicks Willis and Long were a great duo. Fun action movie for everyone - movieman20062007
John McClane still has it in his 50s. - The EZ1 gr8 chemistry, funny, nonstop thrills. maggie q's one mean bitch - moviedude John McClain isnt an average everyday person anymore - air man
No sophisticated entertainment, but Willis + Long = Fun as hell! - Marley209
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