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Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Release Date: 10/07/2005
Rating: G
Starring: N/A
Synopsis: N/A
Trailer: N/A
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Anticipation Level: 4.26
Opening Weekend Prediction 31-35 mil.
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Green reviews are from users who graded the move a B or higher.
Black reviews are from users who graded a movie between a B- and a C-.
Red reviews are from users who graded the movie a D+ or lower.
Hilarious, delightful, entirely enjoyable...can't ask for more. - FullEyes Full feature or short, it just doesn't matter. Bring on more. - The EZ1 Very cute. - Darunia
Not as good as the shorts, but intermittently fantastic - Cinematic Viagra Productions A fun time at the cinema, but I prefer Chicken Run - Silverflicks An instant classic! The claymation is mesmerizing. - Yellow Jacket
it was no chicken run... definatly played to the lil ones - air man A funny kids flick with great visuals - movieman1234567890 Well done but geared for 5 year olds - Janazz
Perhaps the best Animated film this year - Rygar1126 Pure fun! Enjoyable for both kids and adults - Draxhall funny kids movie - racer2235
Pretty good animated film - movieman20062007 As good as the shorts - Donez The perfect movie for kids and adults. - movieman
flawless, charming, hilarious, cheeky, smart romp. - moviedude
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